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  • SH

    “Every time I call I get the assistance I need and get my questions answered. Always a friendly voice ”

  • DP

    “Great response on claims resolution. ”

  • JC

    “I have always been very happy with you. Every time I call Ellen ans my questions without any problems. ”

  • ML

    “Very responsive to all questions ”

  • PB

    “Wonderful, personalized service.”

  • R

    “The most important aspect to us is having quick response to questions and forms needed for projects. Keeping cost reasonable would be a second factor. ”

  • AP

    “Your quick response to phone calls is very appreciated. ”

  • TR

    “we have been together a long time and even though nobodies perfect we always manage to get threw it. I cant imagine running my business with another agent keep up the good work and here’s to many years to come.”

  • AP

    “Excellent personalized services. I was able to save almost $ 1700 with my cars and home insurance policy. Thank you so much!!!!”

  • SH

    “I first started with June she was great always let me know if I could get a less expensive company for car insurance. Now I deal with Ellen and she is always helpful and knowledgeable. Always a pleasure when I call.”

  • DP

    “Helped us in the past during some trying times to resolve various claims with our carriers.”

  • GK

    “I love that Ellen got hold of Erie for me and found that they had a new program that cut my auto insurance premiums in half.

    Honestly, the last time I had a major claim (auto totaled), I ended up having to spend a fair amount of time (1) understanding the whole “process” with Erie (contractors, outside services, etc.) and then put together a thick document refuting the claims process data and providing my own. In the end, Erie’s contracted service provider accepted my documentation and paid the loss fairly, but prior to the loss, I hadn’t expected to have to do that myself. In other words, there is no document that I have in hand explaining “who does what” once a claim is filed and how much of the work is on me to do if I’m not satisfied with some aspect of the process. ”

  • RO

    “Ellen is fabulous! She is always reassuring & very reachable no matter your problem. ”

  • LB

    “always there when i have a question or problem and it is always taken care of in a timely manner.”

  • LL

    “Always very responsive, quick to help. ”